About Us

March, 2008

the People

Founder Kostas Symeonidis, is a mathematician and computer programmer. For several years he worked as a freelance software developer and in 1997 founded ArtLogic Information Services, an IT consultancy, with his close friend Markellos Diorinos.

Kostas, has designed and written numerous applications specializing in bespoke database development, low-level hardware management systems and commercial web sites. He also worked as a teacher in private schools in Greece, teaching all sorts of computer languages (Pascal, C/C++, Delphi, etc). His passion for computer science also urged him to get involved with Computing Olympiads and he was tutoring students for domestic and international competitions for about 5 years.

Since June 2000 Kostas lives in London, UK where he works as an IT Architect specializing in server-side Java and JEE enterprise business and consumer applications.

Occassionally Kostas publishes his thoughts on his web blog at blogspot.com. You can also visit Kostas's personal website at www.ksymeon.com and his photoblog "My Wandering Days Are Over..." (he's a keen photographer) which he started in October 2004.

In his late teaching years Kostas met Ioannis Tsoukalidis and was amazed by his enormous potential to become a leading software engineer. Kostas immediately started teaching Ioannis advanced computer science and mathematics topics. Ioannis's performance was outstanding. He has won numerous awards and medals in National and International Informatics Olympiads, including two bronze and one silver in the top-league IOIs. He has been constistently a member of the Greek National Team and has participated in five(!) International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), something that nobody in the world has ever achieved!

Ioannis has graduated from the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) having studied there on a full scholarship. He is currently working for a blue-chip company in New York City and lives in Manhattan. Downloads hits 3D Dissolve Screen Saver and CyberMind are products, where coding has been mainly done by Ioannis and the visual design by Kostas.

the History

Kostas Symeonidis has written numerous small utilities and games for DOS and Windows in the past, and in 1994 having decided to publish his programs under a "label", he founded CyLog Software. The name came up while drinking in a bar with friends and it's short for CyberLogic. As a genuine bedroom programmer the only thing he would ask for was appreciation of the public, so he made his programs freeware, sometimes card-ware (requesting a post-card for registration).

In the dark years of early 90's as a member of Fidonet (2:410/5.10) has been writing and constantly updating L.EXE a very small, fast, colourful directory listing utility that survives until today, having even long filename support under Windows 95 and NT.

DOS utilities were followed by the 16-bit Borland Pascal era, when we wrote games like Yahtzee, Master Mind, the beautiful MyJongg and others. Most programs featured on this site, are applications for the Win32 platform (Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP), written in Borland Delphi (versions 3, 5 and 7).

Kostas has been designing web sites and web applications since 1994. He purchased his first domain name cylog.gr in 1998, a web site that was hosted in the US and was maintained in pure HTML. Later, in 2001, he acquired cylog.org and developed its web site in ASP.

the Technology

This website is hosted on a dedicated Intel®-based dual-core CPU server and is running on Debian, Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTP Server.